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Why Choose SRG to Buy or Sell Your Home?

Stea Realty Group office

A Select Team of Experienced Realtors®

Your Transaction Managed by
Our Founding Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Consultants, Not Salespeople

Who We Are: n. pl. fi·du·ci·ar·ies

Stea Realty Group brokerage has been offering highly individualized attention to its discerning clientele since 1997. We take our fiduciary obligations towards our clients to heart, placing their interests ahead of our own. We believe personal values and integrity are a Realtor's® greatest assets. We take pride in the transparency of our actions and maintain accountability for our results. Our passion for our profession inspires us to enthusiastically serve our clients' needs.

Negotiating Acumen

Our founder and managing broker is an experienced real estate attorney who has hand-selected each of our Realtors® based in part on their ability and commitment to negotiating the best possible price and terms for your home.

Customized Legal Protection

You receive the most advanced legal protection by virtue of our managing broker's legal expertise and our use of the most cutting-edge disclosures custom-tailored to fit your needs.


Our Realtors® handle every aspect of your transaction from A to Z. We do not pass off the management of your transaction to unlicensed support staff like the other brokerages do.

Locally Owned and Independently Operated

Because we have no outside shareholders to answer to about the bottom line, we have the luxury of spending the extra time and effort to give you a level of service which the other brokerages cannot match. Our emphasis on the quality of your transaction over the quantity of ours results in many referrals from past clients. We look forward to serving you as well!

We're Here To Stay

Our Realtors® are among a select group who are passionate about our profession and are committed to it for the long term. By comparison, 93% of all new agents leave the industry within 4 years. With a combined experience of over 50 years among our management team alone, we’re prepared to serve you for many years to come!

2987 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705

San Francisco
101 South Park
San Francisco, CA 94107